Shell access or SSH

Again a tutorial for newbies :) In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to access the shell.
What is shell:
Shell is the commander in Unix systems. When you have no GUI(Graphical User Interface)  installed on your system(VPS/Dedicated server), you’ll need the shell access to configure the server.
Actually Shell is the most important one. Not the GUI. GUI executes commands from passing them to shell.
And GUI uses a much CPU and RAM to run on the server. So it’s better to avoid it.
Firstly, you need to install shell installed on your server. In cPanel system, it’s installed by default. So I’ll continue from there.
You need a shell client to access the shell. The best shell client I’ve used is PuTTY. It has many functions inbuilt.
Download it here:
Then install it on your PC.
Open the program.
In the windows systems, I have a file called putty.exe( This may vary for different operating systems.)
When you open it, you get a simple dialog box.
In there you need to provide the information to log into the VPS/Dedicated server.
In example, let’s say I have a server in the IP and it’s SSH port is 22 (22 is the default port if you haven’t changed it.)
Input in the text box called “Host name(or IP address)”.  Then input the port in the text box called “Port” and select “SSH” as you want to access the shell.
Then click on the “Load” button.
So PuTTY will create a connection and will ask your login information.
Type root as the username if you have root account enabled. Otherwise enter the username you chosen before.

Then PuTTY asks for a password. Input your password there. (Most of the time, WHM and SSH password are the same)
Then PuTTY will do the rest for you.
After few seconds, the whole server is in your hand :)

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